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architects in norfolk with 50 years combined experience


Void Architecture was founded on a passion for thoughtful architectural design, cutting-edge innovation and environmental responsibility. Bringing together the combined knowledge and expertise of Parsons + Whittley Architects to create a new and innovative Norfolk architectural practice.


Form, space & voids are the basic elements used within the architectural design process. We pride ourselves on delivering some of our clients’ most beautiful and functional Norfolk homes.


Our architecture team is creative and professional so that you can trust us from initial discussion to completion. We would love the opportunity to help visualise your next building project – you will be in the best hands, with clear communication at every stage of the design process.

Our Process

Everything starts with an idea. We will take the time to sit with you, listen to your ideas and discuss the practicalities of what you are looking to achieve for your budget. From the initial meeting we create a design brief.

Armed with a brief, the next stage is to turn your ideas into designs that work for you. Our design process involves everything from hand drawn sketches to 3D walkthroughs that provide you with a visual representation of your project.

Once your ideal design has been aligned with you, we then ascertain the best course of action to obtain approval on the proposed designs. We prepare and submit all applications (planning/ building regulations) needed for your project on your behalf. We will continue to monitor the applications and if there are issues or problems with your application we work with the Local Authority to rectify the issues and answer any queries necessary on your behalf.

Once all applications have been approved and the required consents have been obtained, we can then liaise with local builders and invite them to formally tender for undertaking the approved works. Our team will then discuss any concerns they may have to acquire suitable fixed fee estimates, time commitments and building cost for project completion.

Once we have signed off on the technical aspects of the build, then it is time for you to add the finishing touches. We can help facilitate this, through our associated company Arcadia Home & Living, who offers luxury kitchens and bathrooms in Norfolk. 

architect design sketch norwich
passivehouse in Norwich


In the last decade, awareness and demand for green buildings have grown exponentially. Clients want to make a minimal impact on the planet, ensuring that their home is as efficient as possible. Technical innovation supports this increasing appetite for sustainable construction.


In-depth research studies suggest that the modern technologies, now more commonly seen utilised within sustainable buildings, have increasing wellbeing benefits for occupants – leading to better cognitive function and productivity.


Passivehouse style living has been cited for both its physiological and psychological benefits. We are proud members of the Passivhaus Trust, which promotes rigorous standards for energy efficiency employed by Passivhaus and other similar energy conservation standards.

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